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Welcome to Family Tree Application
Family Tree is a new application created to build family tree models. We developed it taking into consideration all shortcomings and disadvantages of existing applications in this field.
The main disadvantage of most of the applications in this category included complicated, unintuitive interface with a number of forms, tabs, difficult to remember navigation structure and an excessive number of options to display genealogical data.
Therefore, we paid our attention to creating the most user-friendly and intuitive interface for a fast and effective tree management, while making a stylish and innovative design.
In the future, we intend to follow the initially chosen development strategy. We will improve the application and add new features and functionality without complicating the performance of the application main task - creating and viewing the user’s family tree.

Tree view presentation mode Chart view presentation mode Map view presentation mode View mode Edit mode
Tree View
Chart View
Map View

Tree View
Tree view of the family is the main representation view of the data in the application.
In edit mode, you can handle the basic elements of the tree: people, marital relationships and child relationships. The tree is filled in by adding the immediate family members - parents, spouses, siblings and children.
Chart View
View of the family in the form of a circle graph. There is a person in the center of circle graph in relation to whom the tree is built.
The chart diagram contains only the immediate relatives, generations are arranged by increasing distance from the diagram center.
Map View
Fill birth, death, burial or living locations of your relatives and watch your family geography on the world map.
There are 3 buttons for each address. First is used to show current address location, next is used to resolve text address into geo coordinates and the last one is used to resolve geo coordinates into text address.
View Mode
The option of editing the information on people and their relations as well as of adding new people is not available in this mode.
The interface is redesigned intentionally for navigating and viewing the already created family tree.
Edit Mode
This mode is used for building and filling in the tree, the user interface allows you to easily edit people’s data and add new people.
Switching between view mode and edit mode affects both the Tree View interface and the Diagram interface.

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Set reminders in order to remember to enter data in the person card.
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Photos and Documents
Create a complete file of documents on relatives by adding photos and documents.
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Watch your family geography on the world map.

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Retina Display support

Family Tree application was originally designed based on the support of Apple devices with a high-resolution screen. All graphic design resources, pictures, user interface elements and backgrounds are adapted for the use on both non-retina and retina displays.
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iCloud Synchronize
Sync your Family Tree using iCloud. You can also sync application settings via iCloud.
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24/7 Support
Twenty-four-hour user support via email.
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Export your family tree in a PNG, JPG, TIFF or PDF format.
What's new?
  • -
    application version 1.0 will be available on the App Store shortly
  • -
    there are 2 modes of data view available - a tree view and a chart view
  • -
    video instruction is now available at vimeo
  • -
    you can contact us to get a promo code, number of promo codes is limited
  • -
    user guide is now available, click here to download
  • -
    application version 1.1 is available on the App Store. Map View was added
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DjVu Reader
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XPS Reader

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Map View
This presentation allows you to look at your family tree geography, so you can see all your relatives on the world map.
GEDCOM import/export
GEDCOM is the universal standard format to transfer genealogical data between applications in order to build Family Trees. You can import your previously created family trees into our application, as well as export them for viewing in other applications, such as Windows applications.
Styled print
You can print your family tree with pictures on a styled background. Various background options and tree views will be available.
Export format list will be expanded. Export the whole tree or specific personal cards to text format will be added.

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